To subsidize or not to subsidize

RE: Is there any program or industry involving private ownership in which the government should involve itself in the form of subsidies?

Government should not subsidize private industry and programs because subsidies require standards. Good stewardship of our taxes would require that recipients of our subsidies meet some desirable outcome obvious at the point of the creation of the subsidy. The nature of innovation is that new understanding expands the potential for desirable results unknowable at the time of the creation of the subsidy.

Governments most often move slowly in the belief that intense inspection, debate and consideration is prudent and ultimately results in better decisions (questionable belief by my consideration). Therefore, only the results anticipated at the time of the creation of the subsidy are rewarded.

Attempts to change of the outcomes that will be rewarded are subject to resistance from those invested in current technology. Especially those invested in early standards of research or industry. Progress to extend and therefore dilute the rewards for those invested in the anticipated results is most often slow to the point that the need for change is obvious and long overdue. Most must agree to the change before it can be justified by our prudent and considered stewards

The outcome is a dichotomy of intention in that subsidy stifles innovation by rewarding those who promote and extend only that which is obvious. The subsidy, temporarily makes more viable those companies and programs who are the least innovative.