Holiday Lights

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This little light of mine

You light up my life

Pepsi lite

Light is an easy subject. There are so many ways to look at it. Picking one for a three minute holiday talk is more about editing than creating.

Stop lights

Northern lights

Strobe lights

In the middle of trying to figure out which direction to go with this and which would be the most entertaining use of the word, Chuck and I impulsively left the house to drive around our neighborhood to look at the Christmas displays.

Twinkling lights

Bright lights


For my neighbor a Christmas light cruise is a holiday family ritual. She gets ready for this drive. They wash the car, brew hot chocolate, pack cookies and put carols in the cd player. I thought this a bit much, but it is how they do it.

Black light

Night light

Neon light

I’m guessing because of the economy our neighborhood wasn’t as well lit as it has been before. There were several blocks that had nothing but those boring white ice-cycle lights you hang from the eves, but even the people who did light their yard didn’t do it very well: clashing colors, sloppy application, nothing exciting. We went home after only an hour.

Red light

Green light

Home light

I can see that the chocolate and the music would have been nice, but better would have been, if we had taken a minute to wash the windshield. Our truck windows are smeared with oak sap, dust, bug entrails and dog nose prints.

Light years

Lights out


My neighbor lady came by yesterday. Know what she said to me? She thought the holiday lights were really pretty this year. I wondered where she had been looking and asked. They had driven the same roads we had. We must have missed all the good ones or maybe we should have gone at a better time. I was a little jealous until I thought about it a bit more. Did dust and oak sap mar my vision? Could the bug entrails and dog nose prints have spoiled my view?

Light bulb

Looking at light through a dirty windshield is like looking at life with negative thoughts- nothing is clear, nothing is bright, nothing is beautiful. Next year I’ll wash the windshield and see the beauty in the Christmas lights. Today, I‘ll treat my attitude to clear out the fear, doubt, and negative self-talk that blocks my vision of the perfect light that surrounds us. I’m gonna let it shine,

God is Light.